Early Learning Center Domes – Locust Grove Early Learning Center, Locust Grove, Oklahoma

Locust Grove Early Learning Center Locust Grove, Oklahoma As a General Contractor, the Early Learning Center was constructed for $4.4 million. Projects Include: 4- approx. 8,171 sq. ft. domes for classrooms, and administrative offices 1- approx. 9,852 sq. ft. dome cafeteria/auditorium   (more…)

East Webster Gymnasium Dome – Maben, Mississippi

Dome East Webster Gymnasium Maben, Mississippi As the General Contractor, project was constructed for $1.9 million. Project Included: 1- approx. 18,626 sq. ft. gymnasium dome capable of seating 1,240 This project resulted from the almost total destruction of the East Webster High School campus during an F5 tornado in 2011....